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bioxX systems GmbH
Our company
Our StartUp bioxX systems GmbH develops innovative electronic radio and sensor-based controls for HVAC systems, ventilation systems, motion control, agricultural irrigation systems, safety technology and much more. We develop these products for personal as well as for customer requirements. The intensive collaboration with Dresden colleges and universities allows for a maximum transfer of knowledge regarding our products.
Our Customers
Commercial customers who consider in-house development of electronic circuits but are still looking for an appropriate way need not look any further: bioxX systems GmbH is the way.
bioxX systems GmbH
Our service
bioxX systems GmbH develop circuits, sensors and controllers that can be integrated into a variety of home automation systems and applications.
With us you get
- Customised circuits for your devices based
  on development order specification

- Standard switchgear from our portfolio for your application

- Circuit assemblies with specific functions

- Configurations of standard switchgear to existing applications
  based on the development requirements

Our equipment is characterized by reliability, robustness and ease of use.