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bioxX systems GmbH
Die bioxX systems GmbH, founded by network technician and software developer Karsten Butze, actively commenced its business operations with the development of a dehumidification unit and the corresponding temperature / humidity sensors in 2015. After the successful market launch in 2016, the family of the ventilation control units were supplemented with a sensor-based greenhouse temperature control and a sensor-based radioactivity monitoring unit for air control units.

Humidity sensors, sensor-regulated speed controllers, bus modules, as well as keyboard, functional, and radio units were developed in rapid succession and introduced to the market.

Clients from the industry contracted bioxX systems GmbH with the design and production of a radio controlled ventilation system and allowed entry into the arena of radio-based signal transmission, which is currently being integrated into other applications of home technology.

Presently, the team is developing control systems for sprinkler systems, a ground water monitoring system for flood protection, and a Smart Home system for heating, ventilation, and window control.

- Sensor-based controls (temperature, humidity, air quality) for building technology
  für die Gebäudetechnik
- Sensor-based controls for agricultural irrigation,
  and irrigation systems
- Radio-based controls
The team
Qualified employees in the profession areas of electrical engineering, business administration, marketing, and production ensure continuous development with the result of bioxX systems GmbH taking the position of market leader in providing of sensor-based switches for building technology.
Hochschule für Witschaft und Technik

TU Dresden
Knowledge transfer
Our collaboration with the colleges and universities of Dresden enables us to make use of their capacities and – through diploma projects, research papers, and dissertations – transfer this knowledge and expertise into our products and business development.